Ismypracticehealthy.com (IMPH) was designed to provide an educational venue and community where stakeholders in the veterinary industry can go to learn about veterinary practice management and the economics of the industry.  Whether you want to ask a question, search content, or use the financial dashboard to monitor your practice, this community and its contributors will provide value.  Veterinarians, practice managers, and the people who support them will find valuable information at IMPH.  IMPH also has some simple, yet effective tools to help veterinarians to learn how to monitor a very small number of high-impact key performance indicators (KPI) in a format that will help you manage your practice more effectively to grow profitability and value.  Improved profitability and value ensures your ability to deliver your desired standard of care to your patients.  Our business specialists will also review and recommend resources that are available to help you accomplish your objectives.


- To provide an interactive and educational venue to improve practice management for veterinary practices.

- To educate veterinary practice owners, associates, and managers regarding how to focus on a small number of key data points to improve practice profitability and value.

- To provide the necessary education and support to help all stakeholders get started and to grow their understanding for effectively managing their practices.

- To make these tools available to as many practices as possible to improve the health of the industry.


If you’d like to use Ismypracticehealthy.com, you must register by going to the "Join" page to register to use this site.  There is no restriction on who can create an account, thus anyone with an interest in learning about veterinary practice management, veterinary economics, or related areas can join.  For those who consider using the data tools, noone will see your data but you.  The tools are intended to help you manage your practice, not to compare against others. 

No individual data, user information, or other confidential information will be made available or accessible to any party, other than Edjje, Inc (or affiliates), who manages this venue.  No practice data or information will be made available publicly, with exception of aggregated group data that may be used for educational purposes.  If you have any questions, contact the site administrator.

Who is Participating?

At this time, anyone who creates an account will be able to participate in using this site.

Who can access and what can they see?

Anyone who registers by creating an account on this site will have access to the site.


All individual data, identities, and contact information will be considered to be confidential.  Occasionally, aggregated data and statistics may be made public for educational purposes, but no individually identifiable information will be made public.