How To Use

How to Use (IMPH) to help you manage your practice:

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We have adopted tools from some of the most successful CEO’s and business managers in the world that are meant to focus your attention on the highest impact areas of your practice which will have the greatest impact on your business success.  Successful management and planning requires the manager to make decisions regarding where to focus precious resources of time and money.  Thus, these tools and this site will focus on only a few areas, those that are high impact and if managed properly should have great impact on your business success.  Once mastered, these same tools and concepts can be applied to other areas of your practice.

This site and these tools are meant to be educational.  They will hopefully help you to get maximal benefit from your investment of time into using them.  They are intended to provide a 'big picture' overview of your business.  If a trend line is going in the wrong direction, then you will know that you need to seek additional answers or assistance to determine the cause and to implement a solution.  Without these types of tools, these high impact parameters may not be monitored, so by the time you realize they are moving in the wrong direction, it may be too late.

Create an Account

To use this site and its tools, you must first create an account.  Go to the "Join" page and register to use the site.  Secure login credentials will be created for you, a confirmation email will be sent to your email address.  Please ensure that the email address that you use for this account is only accessible by you, its owner.

You can then return to to login and get started.

Getting Started

After login, you can learn more about using the site and even submit questions for consideration to be answered in the blog section of the site.  New educational and economic content will be posted frequently.  Join the discussion!

Data Dashboard

You may enter your confidential practice key performance indicators on the “Data Input” page.  Definitions for the requested information and calculations used can be found under these headings on the data input and dashboard pages.  Once data input is complete, you may go immediately to the “Data Dashboard” to view your practice KPI data and the trends associated with them.  Explanations for each are located on the input and dashboard pages as well.

Note that the KPI charts are presented in Trailing 12 month month format.  This format is used so that each data point on the chart represents the previous 12 months of data, which will effectively remove seasonality from the trend lines in the data.  This allows you to see the real change in this month's data from last month's data, as the only data that differs is this month's data point.  The trailing 12 month format is a very powerful tool!

If you have questions, please submit a question or contact a management expert whom you trust to help you with your practice.