Data Dashboard

"If this isn't going up, you should be concerned."
"All changes should be positive, or there is an issue."
"Ideally, this should be 15% to 20%."
"Labor expenses should be between 30% and 40% depending upon the structure of your practice."
"Collect as much at the time of service as possible."
"Transactions should be increasing."
"Average transaction charges should rise consistently."
"Gross profit = Rev. - (Vet labor + Cost of Drugs and Medical Supplies)/Rev. "

This dashboard is designed to provide the practice owner a quick view of the health of the practice.  Each chart reflects the current status and the long term trend of a high-impact performance indicator of the practice.  The data is represented in a Trailing 12 format in which each data point represents 12 consecutive months of data.   By doing this, all seasonality is removed in the charts, so if a trend line is moving up or down, it is a real change, not the effect of season, because seasonality is prevalent in veterinary practice.  If a trend line is going in an undesirable direction, you will know that you need to drill deeper to find the cause for the change, so that you can make appropriate decisions to reverse the negative trend.