What do your customers want?

Customers will tell you by their actions what they want.  If they seek service elsewhere or purchase drugs online, then there is a reason.  Either it's more convenient, less expensive, or in some way better than what they perceive they are getting from you.  Whatever the reason, it will provide insights to you regarding their preferred value proposition and how you have to adjust to compete for their business.

Ask your customers frequently what they want, and deliver it.  Even if you decide not to, it's better to have that discussion with them acknowledging why you're not able to accommodate fully what they seek, that conversation will tell your customer that you care enough to try, and if you could accommodate you would.  That will endear the customer to you in other ways for other services.  

Customers want to know how much you care.  If ever they sense that you don't care, they will go somewhere else.

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