Effective leadership is powerful

Effective leadership is very powerful, yet it is difficult to define both in its make-up and its impact.  We see organizations and teams that consistently outperform their counterparts, and most people simply attribute their success to luck, a good player or two, or other qualities.

However, when you examine their success and talk to those who are part of the team or who compete against them, a different picture develops.  We hear about the work ethic and discipline with which the team’s leaders approach every day.  They outwork their colleagues and competition every day, not just on game days.  They have as part of their fabric a desire to succeed that is beyond the understanding of most people.  Their desire to succeed, or perhaps their distaste for losing, fuels them to work harder and smarter to accomplish their goals.

In sports, they have something called a ‘compete level’ that exceeds others.  Their tolerance of pain, discomfort, and sacrifice is much greater than of those who are less successful leaders.  Though all of these qualities are very instrumental to the success of strong leaders, the quality known as ‘humility’ has much greater impact.  Great leaders will lead by example, performing tasks for their team that many would never ‘stoop’ to perform.  They do whatever is needed for their team, and their team sees it.  This selflessness inspires teammates to do similar work and deeds for the benefit of the team.  And thus the team has the opportunity to reap the rewards of being on a great team, rather than being of bunch of great individuals.  The effective team will beat the great group of individuals 99 times out of 100.

And great teams are inspired by strong and humble leaders.

Be humble.  Be strong,  Be a team player.  And you can accomplish great things.


By Sherry Corbin on 10/09/2017 19:49:

This is true and I would add to that a strong leader is meek, humility with confidence.  Moses was a meek man and one of the greatest leaders of all time.  God used him mightily to lead his people!

By Sherry Corbin on 10/09/2017 19:52:

That last comment about meekness is from Jon Skinner, not Sherry Corbin (I’m one of the partners in our practice and Sherry is our office manager).

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