Anticipate customer needs

Can you think of an occasion when you as a customer were doing business with a company, and you felt like they anticipated every need you might have before you even mentioned those needs?  Perhaps you have a banking relationship that helps you identify prime opportunities to refinance loans to reduce interest rates and monthly payments even when you weren't considering doing so?

How would you feel if your insurance agent called you and suggested a different policy that would provide similar coverage but at a lower monthly cost?  Perhaps you have an auto warranty that is about to expire, and your auto service department called you to suggest you get some service done prior to your warranty expiring.

Your clients would feel the same as you in these instances if you anticipated their needs and recognized opportunities to help them even when they aren't expecting it.  Do you work to identify those opportunities to optimize care and keep costs down for your clients?  

Use your data to identify these service opportunities for your clients.  It will create much loyalty and gratitude amongst your clients.

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