Ask and they will tell you their pain points

Opportunities abound to learn what clients want if only we provide them the opportunity to tell us, and then we listen.  It really is that simple. 

As customers of other businesses every day, we tell people we do business with what we like and what we don’t like every day.  And just like we often do to our clients, many of the businesses we buy from every day don’t listen to us.  We get caught up in just getting through each day that we miss the opportunities that present themselves every day.

How can we recognize these opportunities?  Work with your team, and lead by example, in engaging your clients and listening to them.  Learn to listen to your clients about the pain points they experience.  Perhaps you see clients who are rushed each morning dropping off their animals and trying to get to work on time.  Would they value your services more if you opened 30 minutes earlier to permit them to drop their animals off and get to work without the stress they experience now?  Or do you have clients who struggle to get their animals in to see you, because you don’t offer hours outside of traditional business hours?   Would they value evening or weekend hours once in awhile to allow them to schedule an appointment with you outside of their working hours?  Do some of your clients struggle to find a way to transport their animals to your clinic for appointments?  Would they value services delivered to their home?   Or would they value a telemedicine appointment to bridge the gap they experience now?

Look for the pain points that your clients experience, and provide a solution.  This will build loyalty.  Solving the pain points will grow your practice.

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