Better data will yield results in marketing

Effective marketing depends upon having accurate and complete customer information.  Marketing is simply informing your customers about what you recommend for their animals when it's relevant to them.  Clients want their veterinarians to tell them what to do and when to do it.  They do not want to make mistakes when caring for their animals or to omit critical care that ensures that their animals stay healthy.  

Proper communication requires that you have accurate client and patient information.  Educate your clients about the importance of this, and make the capture of accurate client and patient data a routine part of every transaction.  Every time a client checks in or out, validate their contact information.  Let them know that you do this to ensure that you are able to reach them if a critical need arises.  Ensure them that you won't share their information with anyone.  You need it for the sole purpose of communicating the needs of their animals.

As the year begins, determine what percentage of your client and patient information is complete and accurate.  Then, set goals to improve that percentage this year.  Put the processes in place to capture accurate and up-to-date information.  You will see results from this effort in your marketing programs.

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