Develop clear job descriptions

When hiring, or to improve the effectiveness of your team, develop clearly defined job descriptions for every employee in your practice.  It is difficult for anyone to be successful at satisfying expectations if those expectations have not been clearly defined and documented.  An effective team must know what is expected, who is responsible, when it is expected, and what they will receive in return (compensation).  Establishing well-written job descriptions will help you recruit the right people for the positions, establish a work environment that is conducive to success, and help you retain your best people.   They will know what is expected and thus, there will be fewer surprises or miscommunications regarding needs and expectations.

In writing job descriptions, you can learn quickly from successful sites such as  Look for job titles similar to what you need and pattern your descriptions after those on similar sites.   Also, sites such as have many job description templates that would be useful.  

Improve your team's opportunites for success by developing job descritions that set expectations for every employee on your team.

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