Differentiate your service

Most veterinary practices offer the same services.  Most practices deliver similar care, in a building that is similar, with a team of people who are similar, in a manner that is similar to other practices.   They might as well call themselves ‘Veterinary Practice #3’ or some other generic name.

Ask yourself one question.   When you seek a product or service in an area of your life that really matters to you, do you seek one that is generic, plain, and one-size-fits-all, or do you seek one that satisfies your preferences, tastes, and specific needs?  Everybody likes to receive special attention when it comes to something that really matters to them.  They like the feeling of knowing that their service provider knows them, cares for them, and gives them special care. 

How does your practice achieve this special level of care?  How do you differentiate your services from Veterinary Practice #3?

Make your service special.  Make it stand out from all of the generic offerings that are the norm in your area.  Differentiate your practice.

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