Don’t make clients wait

Clients of veterinarians have expectations regarding services they receive that have nothing to do with animals.  Their expectations are rooted in how they receive services in every other sector of their life.  They get an Uber car within minutes using the Uber app, and they can purchase almost anything on and get it delivered reliably with 24 to 48 hours, and in some cases on the same day.  That is your clients comparison with regard to what they want for services that you provide.

The challenge is that the standard model in veterinary practice is to make clients come to the clinic to see a doctor to get questions answered and services provided.  In a majority of instances, client questions could be resolved without a visit to the clinic, and thus many clients are becoming disenchanted with veterinary services.  They view these services as transactional and not in their best interests, and thus trust in veterinarians is eroding.  This is what drives use of Dr. Google and other services.

How do veterinarians fix this?  Answer the phone.  And use services such as Ask.Vet which allows your clients to connect with a veterinarian via text to get simple questions answered and to get guideance from licensed veterinarians regarding whether they need to come see you, and when.  It provides convenient, immediate digital access to a veterinarian via text within minutes to help guide them to appropriate care.  Ask.Vet will help improve the operational efficiency of a practice and will provide very positive client reviews based upon your willingness to provide the service to them.

Don't make clients wait.  Use Ask.Vet.

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