Educate your heavy lifters

Approaching year-end, it is important to build your budget for next year.  In your budgeting process, remember to include plans and funds to edcuate your heavy lifters.  Heavy lifters are those key people who make your practice 'go'.  Identifying and planning to provide these educational opportunities serves numerous benefits to your practice.  First, you are investing in the development of your key team members.  This will serve your practice and should lay the foundation for growth.  Second, to the employee, it signals that you think highly of them and that you are willling to invest in their future.  Third, properly selected educational opportunities should provide a fresh look at some aspect of your business.  It should provide the opportunity to meet an industry expert or leader that might serve as a resource for the practice in the future.  Providing this fresh perspective can be very invigorating to your key employees.

When you provide these opportunities, challenge your team members to bring back what they learned and present it to your team, perhaps your managers, or if applicable, everyone who is relevant to the subject matter.  This will position them to take this opportunity seriously and to bring back value to the practice.  It also helps if you establish specific objectives that you want to accomplish, identify the education that will help accomplish the objectives, and then upon completion of the education, set an implementation schedule for putting to work what was learned and brought back to the practice.

Remember, educate your heavy lifters to position your practice for growth and prosperity.

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