Establish a single point of contact

One of the many potential causes of failure is the lack of leadership.  In many cases, leadership capability is present but nobody ever assigns responsibility to any single person.  Instead, principles of success and objectives might be discussed, but it's left to a group to accomplish the objectives.  Without designating a single point of contact, or a person of responsibilty and accountability, the objectives are likely to remain unaccomplished.  

In everything you want to get done, identify who will have the responsibility to ensure it is achieved or completed, and who that person will report to and when.  This single point of contact principle is crucial to achieving objectives for a team.  

In addition, in implementing a program or plan, it is absolutely crucial to establish a single point of contact for all parties, both internal and external, to report to with all needs and results.  Assign a single point of contact both the privilege and responsibility of leading the effort, and make sure that you are prepared to support that person as they implement the plan.  Your support, leadership, and example are important in gaining the appropriate buy-in of the entire team.

To ensure success of a project, appoint a single point of contact to take charge and to be responsible for the outcome!

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