Evaluate your customer interface

What is your customer interface?  To use an analogy, the customer interface for the Apple iPhone and similar devices is how easy, simple, effective, reactive, and satisfying it is for iPhone users while using their mobile device.  The user interface and experience has built the Apple company for many years.  Engineers will tell you that their technology isn't superior to all others, but their user experience and interface is revolutionary and satisfying.  Evaluate your customer interface with similar perspective.

Your customer interface includes all aspects of how satisfied your customers are to interact with your business.  Is it a pleasing experience, whether it's navigating your phone system or your receptionist, trying to decide who to call, how to connect with you on your website, can they easily text a doctor to get questions answered, or request and receive a prescription refill.  How long do your clients wait on hold?  How long do your clients wait to get attention when they arrive for their appointment?  Are there appointments on time?  Does your team serve their every need, paying particular attention to making certain that their animal is comfortable, not scared or frightened, and that their questions are answered?  Are your clients comfortable in following up with you?  Will they receive prompt attention?  Or will they have to navigate numerous episodes of phone tag and delays?  Do you recommend educational resources that meet their specific questions and appetite?  Are your post-appointment instructions clear?  Do they meet the needs of the client and patient?  Are you only available for clients when they come in for an appointment, or are you available via phone, text, or email?  Client preferences are changing.  Evaluate your customer interface to ensure that it is satisfying in all respects.

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