Focus on the customer

For years, veterinarians learned everything they could about procedures, science, and medicine in an effort to make a difference in the lives of their animal patients.  Rarely did we hear emphasis placed on the people we'd serve as veterinarians.  We have to remember that every animal comes with people associated.  And those people typically pay the bills, and it is the special human-animal bond that creates the demand we see to provide high quality medicine.  It is a very special relationship.  We hear repeatedly phrases such as "I love that dog", or "he's my baby", or "my dogs are my kids".

The humanization of the animals in the lives of our clients is what drives client decision-making and demand for services.  Without that human-animal bond, our profession wouldn't have its special place in the hearts of many.  Therefore, it is very important to emphasize daily to our teams that we serve people.  It's not just about the animals, or the medicine or the science.  It's about serving people.

When you assess services to offer in your practice, remember to ask yourself, "What do my clients want?"  Focus on the customer!

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