How much do you care?

Customers measure every service on the basis of one question:  As a service provider, how much do you care?  They measure your level of care against many criteria such as availability, responsiveness, cost, expertise, patience, persistence, professionalism, and outcomes.  And if you don't satisfy their preferences, then their assessment is that you don't care enough to satisfy them.

How do you satisfy this level of service demand?  First of all, every aspect of your service should be professional in every way.  Be punctual, courteous, and the best at what you do.  Provide clarity with what you provide, and then deliver beyond your promise.  And don't overlook the importance of cleanliness!  One of the most important criteria to clients in their decision to hire a specific veterinarian is the cleanliness of the facilities and equipment.  In brief, if your facilities and equipment aren't clean and well cared for, it's a sign of your lack of concern and care for the details of providing exemplary care.

Is it always possible to satisfy every customer desire?  No, it is not.  But, your attitude and effort in communicating your understanding for their desired care, and your interest in satisfying their desires will go a long way to gaining their satisfaction.  Communication and empathy, or understanding for their situation, are crucial to being able to show how much you care.

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