Identify all of the animals in the household

Your current clients are your greatest source of future growth for your practice.  One area that every practice should focus on is capturing information related to the 'other' animals in a household.  Often, when you see a client and their patient, you only see the one animal that is experiencing an issue, when they probably have multiple animals in the household.  Most families with pets have multiple animals, whether it's multiple dogs, a dog and a cat, a horse and a dog, or multiple horses.  Most animal-owning households have more than one.

If you can capture the information relative to each animal in a household, then you have the opportunity to provide reminders to the client about the care and health of all of the animals in the household.  You can send reminders for annual exams, immunizations, dental care, and others, depending upon the species, breed, age, and other criteria of importance that impacts the health and well-being of each animal.  

Your clients will appreciate your diligence in helping them remember when health services are needed, because with multiple animals, it is difficult to remember the details for each one.

If you want to grow your practice, identify and serve all of the animals in a household.  This is a significant opportunity for growth.

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