Important member of your team:  an employment attorney

Every practice needs a team approach.  The team will include both employees and outside resources that you depend upon for expertise that is crucial but which should be sourced on an 'as-needed' basis.  One crucial team member is an employment attorney.  Employment law is complicated and ever-changing.  In addition, employment laws and regulations represents one of the greatest risks to a practice, if it is not managed properly.

Identify an employment attorney that has the relevant expertise and is able and willing to become committed to being an integral part of your team.  Make sure that they have the availability to allow you to reach out to them for consultation, sometimes on short notice, when employee issues are presented, so that you have the ability to manage the issues and to communicate appropriately with the people that are involved.  Your communications in these instances are very important.  They will become part of the record that will be judged in the event that employee issues make their way to regulatory and legal authorities, so it is very important for you to have access to legal counsel that can help guide your management of these circumstances.

Build your support team.  Find the resources with the expertise to support your practice.  An employment attorney is one of the most important team members that every practice should have available.  Reduce your risk and find one today.

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