Innovate convenience!

Customers are willing to pay handsomely for convenience. has doubled its value in the past 17 months.  For a public company, that only happens with significant performance or the development of opportunities that will very likely yield that improved financial return in the near future.

Amazon has revolutionized the art of convenience for customers to purchase almost anything and have it delivered next day almost anywhere.  Their reliability combined with the ‘free shipping’ of Amazon Prime membership keeps customers coming back.

How do veterinarians create value from convenience?

Identify those factors in your service that are frustrating to your clients.  Is it the fact that transport of their animal to you is difficult?  Or is it difficult for them to see you in your available hours of operation?  Do they despise a call fee, or office charge?  Would they like to be able to reach a veterinarian via text message to help determine if they need to see you immediately or the next day?

All of these issues can be resolved in a manner that would be valued by your clients and which would differentiate you from competitors?

Perhaps you engage Ask.Vet to support your doctors by making a veterinarian available via text to your clients at any time.  What if you eliminated your office fee, in exchange for a one time annual fee similar to Amazon Prime membership?  Extended hours, even one weekend per month might help some clients to utilize your services who cannot do so now.

Create value by innovating convenience!

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