Is your practice a taxi or an uber?

Uber is a ride-sharing service started in 2009.  It allows users who need a ride to order a car for hire using a mobile application on their mobile device.  When you open the app, you see the available cars near you on your screen.  You request a ride and one of the available private cars for hire accepts your request.  They proceed to your location to pick you up and take you to your destination.  Payment occurs within the app by credit card that you've entered in the app at setup.  The entire experience is centered around the concept of putting the consumer in charge and making their user experience rapid, pleasant, and well-informed.  And the cost is typically less than half the cost of a taxi.

The uber experience is in total contrast to a taxi ride.  You call a taxi, and you never know where they are or if they will come at all.  Many of the taxis are dirty, the drivers are often rude, and you don't know how much your ride will cost.  Payment is slow and cumbersome and the cost is expensive.  

These experiences in hiring a ride couldn't be more different.

Is your practice more like uber or more like a taxi?  Do your customers get ahold of you within minutes or do they have to wait hours or days to talk to a veterinarian?  Do they know where they are in the queue while waiting for service?  Do they know how much your service will cost?  And once the service is underway, is it pleasant?  Do your customers leave with a 'wow' impression of your service?

Clients want immediacy, transparency, and a pleasing service.  Decide whether you want to deliver a pleasing experience like Uber or one like a taxi.  That's what clients want.

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