Learn from your supplier partners

Veterinarians have access to many wonderful resources who are both willing and able to help them grow their practices.  On a daily basis, veterinarians work with representatives of companies who serve them, many of whom are supported with professional training and resources that are proven to be successful in business.  

Veterinary practices that are individually owned are considered a small business.  They incur the benefits and the challenges of a small business.  The owner gets to decide the direction and culture of the practice.  They also have to compete with larger corporate veterinary practices as well as their small business colleagues.

That said, their supplier partners are typically large, sometimes public companies with significant resources.  They provide professional training and development for their people, because that results in successs, more often than not.  They have expertise in business structure, people management, leadership, financial management, and marketing.  They also have incentive to help you succeed.  If you are their customer, they want you to succeed.  

Commit your loyalty to those companies that serve you well.  In return, insist upon best pricing and business support in the form of helping you develop best practices in your business.

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