Make sure your marketing fits your target market

Just like you wouldn't expect to see cat lovers at a dog show, you wouldn't expect to attract clients who don't fit your target for your marketing efforts.  This concept seems obvious, yet it is very common to see companies market their products and services to a diverse market with only one message that might not fit a big segment of their target market.  So, how do you make this happen?

In building your marketing plan, describe your various target customers in depth based upon all criteria.  Build a profile.  Yes, profiling is legal and appropriate, and it makes sense, regardless of what you hear from bureaucrats in government.  Describe your target's characteristics such as gender, financial status, location, attitudes and preferences, how to reach them, how they make decisions, and other significant criteria that differentiate them from other types of customers.  Do this exercise for all the possible segments of customers.  This is called segmentation.

Next, select those profiles of customers that you want to target with your products and services.  Once selected, build a plan, known as the 4 P's (product, price, promotion, and place) that will serve as your roadmap for reaching your target audience.  For a brief summary, click here.

Make sure your marketing fits your target market.  If not, it will not be effective.

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