Medical trends will lead to loyalty

Establish medical trends for your patients and communicate the importance of them to your clients.  Few things in medicine are more powerful than establishing a trend history for your patients.  Not only is establishing trend data for your patients good medicine, it is very powerful in helping you to establish regular visits and loyalty with your clients.

Think of your own medical experience with your doctors.  Is it frustrating to you that each visit to your doctor is an isolated incident, without any reference to your previous medical testing history or measurements?  At Mayo Clinic, there is a program called the Executive Health Program, in which you can go for regular annual or every other year visits.  They put you through a day full of tests, screening all aspects of your health, building a medical record of your current status throughout the day.  At the end of the day, your internist meets with you to review all of the tests and evaluations by all of their specialists throughout the day.  Together, you discuss your health, your questions, your additional needs with your primary doctor.  In addition if this isn't your first visit, they will compare your current exam and all of its measurements to those from previous exams.  The trend data is very powerful for you to see negative and positive trends that might predispose you to disease in the future.  From this, you can set goals for exercise, nutrition, follow up testing, and other lifestyle decisions to impact your health.  It is a very powerful model for medicine, and one that should be employed more often for both animals and humans.

On the business side, establishing trend data creates extreme loyalty amongst a clientele.  It establishes a motivation to return for the follow up exams to see how you measure compared to the past and compared to your goals.  Few patients and clients will ever go somewhere else for their care for fear of losing that valuable medical history which is perhaps most powerful at predicting your future health.

Establish medical trends and communicate them to your clients.  Loyalty will be the result.

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