Mine your data

Current customers provide the greatest opportunity to grow a practice.  They already have awareness of your practice, and presumably, they have some history with the practice.  This history provides a roadmap or tracks that will lead to opportunities.  The customer's history, including their animal's breed, age, and other qualities provide great opportunities for you to educate and provide reminders about services that will help ensure a happy and healthy animal.  Past medical history provides great opportunity for future visits and consults.

Work with your practice management software company to identify the optimal solution for mining your data and turning what you learn into prime educational opportunities for your customers.  Your customers will be grateful for your outreach and education, because most often, they simply want to know that they are doing the right thing for their animal(s).

Some leading data mining platforms that are used by many practices include Vetstreet and AllyDVM.  These software platforms work with your practice management software to identify crucial patient-specific information that is essentiial to the health and well-being of your patients.  These systems then provide numerous options for communicating those opportunities to the animal owner at the right time and interval via email, text, or snail mail.  They help you track responses and follow-up to ensure that as many patients as possible get the care that they need.

Mine your data to ensure the health of your patients and to grow your practice!

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