More Super leadership lessons

The recent Super Bowl provided many lessons and insights about the impact of leadership on the performance of a team.  Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, along with Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, are a shining example of the impact that leadership has on a team.  They have created a culture, known in football as the 'lockerroom', that establishes high expectations and accountability on every member of the team.  They do that by speaking about their expectations constantly.  They speak their 'do your job' language repeatedly as they practice, as they prepare, and as they play.  Their leaders not only speak 'do your job', they live it.  They do their job or at least give it their full attention and effort to do so at all times.  Their example sets the expectation for everyone to 'do their job', and nobody wants to be that player who lets everyone else down by not doing their job.  This is a very powerful team culture that yields exemplary results year after year.

Recent interviews with Tom Brady were also revealing of another crucial component of their team culture.  He has been asked frequently if he is the greatest of all time.  His response was that it didn't matter to him.  He was more concerned about the team winning than he was about individual accolades.  In addition, he has been asked about Commissioner Roger Goodell's actions against him regarding Deflategate and other incidents.  People expected Brady to publicly shame Goodell as retribution for what he had been put through.  Instead, Brady was gracious.  When asked about his reactions, Brady said that if he carried animosity and spoke animosity towards Goodell or anyone else who doesn't like him that he would be joining them at their low level.  Instead of him controlling what he has control of, namely his behavior and mindset, he would be giving that control to those who are behaving inappropriately by slinging mud against him.  Think about that reaction.  Brady, in classic "How to Win Friends and Influence People" style, refuses to speak badly about someone else so that he can maintain control of his mindset and to stay positive at all times.  Congratulations to Tom Brady for his successful and humble leadership.  

We can all learn to be better leaders by witnessing his example, whether we're Patriots fans or not.  Leadership is crucial to your business.  Use lessons like Tom Brady to help educate your team.

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