Number of new clients is only one measure of marketing

Marketing is intended to accomplish several objectives.  A list of marketing objectives typically includes:

  • improving client loyalty 
  • attracting new clients and patients
  • growing the practice
  • increasing the amount of business with current clients
  • building brand value

With these objectives it would be recommended to monitor the following key performance indicators to determine the effectiveness of your marketing.

  • number of new clients
  • number of new patients
  • number of active clients (those with a transaction within the last 18 months)
  • number of active patients (those with a transaction within the last 18 months)
  • average annual spend per client
  • average interval between visits
  • total annual revenue
  • number of transactions

The areas of greatest growth opportunity are most often in identifying lost or unrealized opportunities with existing clients.  Use your data to identify these opportunities and to communicate with your clients about the value they present towards keeping their animals healthy.  Attracting new clients and patients is always important, because every practice has some attrition from clients moving or losing and not replacing pets.

Identify the primary objectives for your marketing and measure success by monitoring the performance indicators that matter most to your objectives.

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