Protect and promote your brand

As time goes by and your practice grows, it’s important to examine your brand, and how it is being used in your practice.  Remember, your brand is your promise to your customers.  It represents what you stand for, your quality, and your level of care. 

As practices grow, your team grows as well.  Not everyone has the same view of your brand, so it’s important that you actively protect, nurture, and promote your brand in the manner you want it to be represented.

In most companies, it is very common for employees to create slight alterations of your logo.  Everybody thinks that they are and artist and a marketer.  Consequently, most companies have many different versions of their logo in use.  I’ve seen some companies, whose brands are known nationally and internationally, who have as many as 70 different versions of their logo and brand in use.

You might ask, ‘what difference does it make’?  That is a good question.  Remember, your brand and all that is represents is your promise.  It represents your company.  Each alteration of your brand, or each version, erodes your promise slightly.  Multiple versions confuses your customers often to the point that they wouldn’t recognize your brand if they saw it, because it’s not clear to them what your brand is.  Your objective should be to have a very distinct, clear brand so that your customers not only recognize it immediately when they see it, but they find comfort in it, because it is very clear to them what to expect from your brand.

Take time to review your brand throughout your company.  Make sure that everyone understands the importance of proper branding and the guidelines for using and protecting your brand.

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