Provide customer service training to your entire team

The most successful veterinary practices excel at serving customers.  Yes, the veterinary medicine and science is important, but few clients have the capability to determine the differences in veterinary procedures that are provided.  There are some exceptions to this, such as in equine practice, when farms might hire a specific veterinarian to help manage and treat hundreds of horses under their care.  In those instances, success metrics such as pregnancy rates might yield obvious differences in the quality of veterinary care provided by different veterinarians.  In most other forms of practice, when treating individual animals, it is more difficult to assess differences in veterinarians' performance.

This is not true when it comes to judging the quality of customer care provided by different practices.  Customers know quickly how they are being treated.  For this reason, the customer care is of great importance in building and growing a healthy veterinary practice.  

How do you improve your customer service?  Do what other businesses do.  Provide professional customer service training (often called CSR training) for your team.  It is important that veterinarians receive CSR training as well.  Without it, few veterinarians understand what clients want, and even more infrequently will they understand what to expect from their staff.  

Provide a foundation of customer service in your practice.  Provide professional CSR training for your entire team.

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