Question of the Week

Dr Ed Blach and I have specifically designed to provide simple, accessible, and searchable business education for veterinarians.  We’ve received very positive reviews from many practice owners.  Many smaller practices have specifically indicated that there is a big need for the education and tools we offer.  We plan to initiate a year-long agenda late this year with daily new, brief content focused on the highest impact areas of helping grow profitability of veterinary practices.

We’d welcome you to join by creating a free account at

  • There is a wealth of information on the site.  Reviewing the Merck-Henry Schein National Veterinary Economic Study will provide quite a few profitability ideas.  
  • There is a dashboard section where you can enter your data (only 8 data points per month) to begin tracking the highest impact indicators for your practice.  
  • We have a ’Submit a Question’ function that allows you to ask business questions which we will answer publicly on the site.

Andrew R Clark, DVM, MBA


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