Recruit solution-seekers who possess a desire to get better every day

A healthy, growing practice requires a dynamic, high-performing team.  To build a high-performing team, a practice must identify, recruit, and retain the right people for that team.  To do so, it is imperative that your practice provide very clear position descriptions that define the required skill sets, expectations, and incentives to attract and retain high-performing team members.  

However, the right person for a position requires much more than skill sets.  It is imperative for a high-performing team to attract solution-seekers and people who seek to improve their abilities every day.  This concept is often termed a growth mindset.  A Harvard Business Review article recently stated of Ms. Dweck's work, "She now refers to people who view talent as a quality they either possess or lack as having a “fixed mindset.” People with a “growth mindset,” in contrast, enjoy challenges, strive to learn, and consistently see potential to develop new skills."  

I recommend reading the book, Good to Great, by Jim Collins, as Mr. Collins describes his view of the importance of having the right people on the team and the impact that this has on the success of the company.  Review the works of Carol Dweck regarding growth mindset.  Her TED video is very interesting as well.

In addition to providing a clear description of the position you seek to fill, and the qualities you seek in your team members, it is extremely important to determine if the chemistry between the potential recruit is compatible with your team and your company culture.  It's almost impossible to teach or retrain chemistry, so make sure it's right.

Recruit team members with a growth mindset, who are solution-seekers, and make sure that the chemistry with your team and company culture are priority in your selection process.

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