Refine your digital footprint

More then 70% of clients search Google or similar sites for information prior to or after seeing a veterinarian.  They look for location, phone numbers, hours of operations, people, expertise, and to make appointments, if possible.  And most of that is after they've searched to make a decision about where to go.

With this high percentage of people who do an internet search when seeking veterinary care, it is extremely important to ensure that your digital presence and footprint are optimized to satisfy the breadth and depth of needs sought by your customers.  To begin, identify someone you can rely upon who is an expert in Search Engine Optimization, especially Google.  Google changes their algorhythms that determine search results and they do so without warning.  Therefore, you must work with someone who is up to date with these issues to ensure you can be found by those who are seeking services you provide.

For example, you have a higher chance of being featured locally if you have a Google Plus account for your practice, and when you ensure that your information is uniform and accurate, everywhere it appears.  Any discrepancies in your information will confuse search engines and lower your presence, so be sure it is all accurate and uniform.  Any discrepancy will lower your presence.

Your SEO specialist should also be able to review your website and give you helpful advice on how to improve it.  Be prepared for the need to provide frequent updates and changes to keep it current.  That is normal.  

Again, we live in a digital world, and it cannot be stressed enough how important it is to keep your site and digital marketing up to date so that people who search for you, or for services you offer, can find you easily!

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