Screen for personality traits to build your team

Many successful companies screen potential new hires using personality tests and other modern mechanisms to identify the right people for their team.  Personality tests such as DISC or Myers-Briggs provide proven insights into the personality make-up of an individual, which provides the employer additional information with which to ensure that a potential new hire is a good fit for a specific position and their team in general.   Remember, chemistry is everything, so getting the people mix or formulation is crucial to team harmony and growing your practice. 

Having the wrong people on your team will reduce productivity.  This will distract your team and reduce profitability in most cases.  Companies such as Zappos have perfected their hiring process by focusing on selecting people who have a desire to serve others, people who are team oriented, and those who have the traits that fit their customer service objectives. 

Use the tools that many big, experienced companies use to improve your hiring and recruitment of new team members.

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