Simplify your marketing.  People don’t read.

Successful marketing is typically very simple, to the point, and involves few words.  Images are powerful.  Use images to convey your message.  In building successful marketing and communications programs, the most expensive and successful marketing groups are those who use the fewest words to convey the critical message.    It is costly to have to pay someone to make it brief.  Bit it's worth every penny.

People don't read.  Again, it is important to understand that people don't read!  Attention spans are short, so if you think your message will be understood and consumed with paragraphs of words, think again.  Successful messages are crafted with powerful imagery and few words.  

As an example, think of some of the most successful campaigns in recent history.  What is an image of a 'swoosh'?  Who owns the words "Just do it"?  And what about the Golden Arches?  And who owns the curved checkmark on the side of a brown box delivered to your front door?  Remember Amazon?

Build your marketing with memorable imagery and few words.  People don't read.

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