Super leadership on display

The recent Super Bowl provided some great examples of leadership that we can apply to veterinary practices.  The New England Patriots, much maligned for numerous controversial efforts to gain a competitive advantage over the past few years, provide a remarkable example of superior leadership compared to many other NFL clubs.

I believe that leadership has a dramatic impact on the performance or outcome of any organization.  Peyton Manning in 2016’s Super Bowl season provided leadership that propelled the Broncos to a Super Bowl title.  Many media pundits have for the past year dismissed Manning’s impact on the Bronco’s success.  They said that Brock Osweiler would have lead them to a title and that Manning was overrated.  That was until they witnessed the meltdown of the Broncos this year.  When it was crucial this year, the Broncos lacked the leadership to propel the team to victory.  Many of the same pundits have now admitted their mistake of dismissing the value of leadership.

The Patriots are another example of exemplary leadership that leads to great success.  Year and year, Belichick and Brady, two great leaders, who coach and play for Robert Kraft, a seasoned business leader as well, provide an example and expectation of excellence that leads to successful outcomes.  Their examples and expectations provide a foundation in which no other player or coach wants to let his teammates down by not being prepared, and by not performing their role to help the team.  The Patriots have a culture rooted in teamwork, known as ‘Do your job’.  It’s that simple.  Do Your Job.  You are expected to prepare so that you can do your job, because in order for the team to succeed, everybody must do their job.

If you don’t do your job in New England, you will find yourself out of football or applying your talents elsewhere.  Great leadership yields great results. 

You can apply these same principles to your practice.  First, set the objectives, establish your vision, communicate your vision to your team, and be accountable in your example.  Then hold everyone else accountable as well.  'Do your job' is very simple.  Super Bowl Sunday provided super leadership for all to see.

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