Treat Your Practice Like a Patient

When you look at lab results on a veterinary patient, you look at a summary page that you can scan efficiently to make your diagnostic or treatment decision.  You don’t look at a batch of individual results on multiple pages.  Fortunately, someone in the clinical pathology world understood that if lab results were not presented in a dashboard/summary format, many veterinarians would not take the time to get maximum value from the results. 

Most veterinarians don’t look at their financial results frequently and effectively simply because of the time necessary to gather the financial facts and think through the maze.  Some of the monthly financial reports I see in veterinary practices are intimidating by the sheer volume of information. 

Our goals for your practice include increasing both practice profitability and veterinarian competence in managing the health of their patient (practice).  In keeping with our objectives for, we built the financial dashboard that Dr Blach referenced in the previous Financial Friday.  The dashboard format is simple to use and generates easy to understand graphs.  Veterinarians with no business training, who want to improve financial results of their practice, can quickly look at the dashboard and have a great understanding of how the practice is doing and why.  One more value to ismypracticehealthy members is that the dashboard is FREE.

If you would like to spend less time gathering financial information and more time making strategic decisions, have a look at our free dashboard.  

If you have a question, there are probably dozens of veterinarians with the same question.  Submit your question and help build a more profitable profession.  Your submission is confidential.  

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