Update and use your client data

What is digtal marketing?  And how good are you at it?

One measure of your abilities might be to determine the percentage of clients for whom you have valid email addresses.  How many of your clients' email addresses do you have, and how many do you not have?  

Digital marketing is highly dependent upon your ability to communicate with your clients using digital technologies.  Clients can opt in to be communicated with using email or even texting.  You must get their permission and allow them easy opportunity to opt out.  But, for those who opt in, if you are able to provide them the information that they value in a timely manner and that which they need to ensure optimum care for their animals, your marketing results will explode.  Your transactions will increase and with those, your revenues will likely increase as well.  Client satisfaction typically improves if you can use simple digital technologies to improve communications.

So, explore the following:

  1. Determine how many client emails you have and how many are valid
  2. Determine how many client cell phone numbers you have and how many are valid
  3. Identify how many clients will opt in to allow you to communicate with them using email and texting
  4. Put efforts in place to capture valid emails and cell phone numbers from all of your clients
  5. Get permission to communicate with clients using email and text.  This will also tell you what information they value, and their preferred timing for delivery.
  6. Establish simple communications plans to deliver clients' preferred information to them via their preferred method.

This plan will establish the basis for a better digital communications plan for your practice.  Remember:  keep it simple and deliver what clients want.

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