Use technology to improve efficiencies and service

Customer service is of utmost importance in veterinary practice.  In today's business environment, it is important to look at other service businesses to identify ways to provide an exemplary service in a manner that your clients expect to be served.  First, the world is mobile.  People are on the move, yet they are connected to immediate information and services through their mobile devices.  They expect immediacy.  They expect to find what they want.  No matter what you provide, rarely do customers not have a choice.  

Use technology to differentiate your services from your competitors.  Select technologies that save you time, and in turn allow you to provide more timely, higher quality service.  Use voice to text technology to speed record-keeping and documentation.  Make your services more available to your clients, through mobile apps that allow clients to order refills, food, or to make an appointment.  

Use the camera on your mobile device to capture case images and videos, and provide timely and frequent updates to clients about their animals.  Be brief and personal.  Communicate early and often, to keep clients abreast of how their animal is doing, what you've found, and how much they owe.

There are many very simple, useful technologies that will transform your customer service.  Use them, and continually look at how other businesses are provding service.  You will find examples that will transform how you serve your customers.

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