Use transparency to improve customer care

Transparency is a powerful tool in ensuring that your customers are served as you desire.  Encouraging customer feedback and assessment of your entire service experience is one of the most powerful ways you have to align incentives with your team to be sure that they will serve the customer in the manner that matches your brand promise.  It also provides great opportunities for your team to celebrate the successes along the way.

Therefore, when you establish your culture with your team and your vision for how you want clients to be served, that is your brand promise.  Your brand promise is the expectation that you establish regarding who you are as a practice.  It will be very evident to your clients if you are not meeting their expectations.  Asking them to provide frequent reviews of your services will provide transparency to your entire team relative to how the team performed with each client experience.  

If there are shortcomings, you want to know those, because fixing the shortcomings is one of the best ways to establish extreme client loyalty.  If there are examples of exemplary service, you want to celebrate those with your entire team as well, because those are brand-building opportunities that will help grow your team.

Use transparency to help ensure that your customers are served in the manner that both they and you expect!  For more information on using transparency, submit your questions at

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