Use video on your website

Use video on your website and in newsletters to increase your reach to clients.  Youtube is now the second most frequented search engine next to Google.    People of all ages use short videos to gather information rather than reading similar information as in the past.  There is an entertainment component to watching video, no matter the content or its duration.  Many people will opt to watch video as it provides a personal touch that is difficult to replicate in print only.

Some rules for using video include:

  • keep it simple 
  • keep it short
  • do not use copyrighted material from others without permission
  • have fun, and show your practice's personality
  • be professional

Use video to demonstrate procedures, to provide education, and to differentiate yourself from your competitors.  In most cases, video will improve your Google search rankings, and enhance users' ability to find you.

The video doesn't have to be fancy or professionally produced.  In fact, authenticity is worth a lot on the internet.  Be authentic.

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