Use webinars to deliver and record education for your clients

Clients love the opportunity to learn from their veterinarians.  Those who make educating clients a priority typically have the most loyal clients, and growing, healthy practices.  Educating your clients is empowering to them.  They want to do the right thing and by educating them, you are arming them with more capabilities to detect abnormalities and risks to their animal's health.  This in turn, will likely result in more clinic visits, more interaction with their veterinarian, and more loyal.

With technology advancements, veterinary practices have many opportunities to deliver education in inexpensive and personal ways.  Use of technology platforms such as GoToMeeting or UberConference provides simple and effective ways to implement webinars for your clients.  Notifying your clients that you will be giving a webinar series on specific topics on certain dates in the future can be a very helpful practice building experience.  You can record these sessions and make them available on your website, and they will build you a library of valuable and personal content for your clients to consume on demand, for many years.

Establish a plan to educate your clients and consider webinar technology to deliver and record your sessions for future use.

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