What do clients want?

What do clients want?  This question should be the focus of every veterinary practice.  It should drive the development of your core service offering.  If your clients want routine preventive care and wellness, then that should be the focus of your practice.  If they are seeking sophisticated diagnostics, then focus your efforts on hiring the appropriate talent to provide these services.

In order to understand what clients want, it is important to know as much about your clients as possible.  For example, you should understand the following about your clientele:

  • species of animals they have
  • desired use or role of their animals in their lives
  • the income profile and willingness to spend for animal care
  • who is the decision-maker and what influences their decisions
  • how they can be reached

In essence, these are the who, what, when, where, and why questions that, when answered will shape your understanding of who are your clients and what do they want?

If you haven't defined these questions, do so and you will find a much clearer picture of what your clients want.

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