What is crowdsourcing?

Our on-demand economy has brought many solutions to our fingertips that previously were not available.  In the marketing arena, crowdsourcing brings graphic designers to every veterinary practice at a fraction of the cost that it would require to hire a designer before crowdsourcing.  It makes it possible for even small practices to afford professional design.

So, what is crowdsourcing?  Crowdsourcing is the process that allows many providers of a specific service or product to be made available in a competitive marketplace online.  It makes it possible for hungry and talented designers from all over the world to compete for your work, which might be to create a professional logo for your practice, or to create a layout for a print or digital ad you want to run to promote your services.  Sites such as fiverr.com, crowdsource.com, or 99designs.com can bring very talented designers to you, no matter where you live.  (Note:  This is not a blanket endorsement of the vendors on these services.  You must do your diligence to ensure you get what you want.)  And no matter what task you'd like help with, you can find a source online at a very affordable price.

Explore crowdsourcing for your creative needs.  You can achieve some significant results for very little cost or risk.  

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