What is your promise to your customers?

Every business makes a promise to their customers.  In building your brand and your practice, you have established promises, both written and unwritten, to your customers regarding the quality and type of service you will deliver.  If you have a preventive care practice, you likely promise to make the process simple, rapid, and relatively inexpensive for your customers.  You establish processes, marketing messages, and service criteria to ensure that your customers and your team know what is to be expected with your service.

If you provide in-depth, surgical, medical, and emergency services 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, you make promises, both written and unwritten to your customers and your team regarding what to expect from your service.  A practice that makes no promises is likely wrought with customer dissatisfaction more often than not, because in the face of you not defining your promises and expectations, you leave it to your customers to form their own expectations, which might be totally different from what you are able and willing to deliver.

Define your practice expectations.  Define your promises to your customers.  This is your brand.  Make sure you honor those promises, or your brand will suffer. 

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