What leads to client satisfaction?

To best understand what clients want and what leads to client satisfaction, put yourself in their shoes.  Visualize yourself as a customer who is seeking service in an area of your life that means everything to you.  This is important.  Don’t just imagine any type of service.  Most clients will privately tell you that their animals mean everything to them.  Those are the exact words seen in extensive market research on the topic.  Imagine that you are seeking a service relative to something that is very important to you.

What is important to you in that situation?  Perhaps you’re envisioning seeking health care for your child.  What matters to you in that situation?   Is cost the most important criteria in that situation?  Usually not.  You typically want transparency and as little financial pain as possible, but you are usually willing to pay for the best care.  What defines the best care?  Is a grumpy, non-communicative doctor a positive experience for any customer to deal with in this scenario?  Is a doctor who dismisses how much you care about your child appealing? 

Most people would say that they want to be communicated with clearly, with mutual respect, and they want the best medicine.  Providing the best medicine amidst a rude, inconsiderate experience would not be satisfying.  A satisfying experience to most clients would be one in which they know you provided your best care, and that they were treated in a manner that tells them how much you care in every way possible. 

Remember, successful practices have a lot of satisfied customers.  They deliver exemplary veterinary care and exceptional customer care as well.  Your team’s goal should be satisfied customers.

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