Who is right?  Clients or veterinarians?

Over the past several years, Banfield Pet Hospitals has analyzed millions of social media interactions amongst pet owners to try to learn what they truly want and need relative to preventive pet care.  They also performed research amongst veterinarians to assess how veterinarians viewed the same topics.

What they found was that pet owners defined preventive care differently.  They think of diet, exercise, and behavior, while veterinarians think of vaccinations, parasite control, and veterinary visits.

Who is right?  The answer isn't so much right versus wrong, as much as it points out that veterinarians who make their practice about themselves or their views, will likely lose market share to those who make their service 100% customer-focused.  

Work with your team to create a customer-centered service.  Look at client needs from the client's point of view.  Uber built a multi-billion dollar business very rapidly by making temporary car hires completely about the customers' point of view.  You can do the same with your veterinary practice.

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