Your client data is DNA for your practice

Your client data is crucial to an effective marketing program.  First of all, it provides details about the type of clients that are attracted to your services, which provides valuable insights regarding creating a marketing program that targets similar new customers.  Use that information and feedback from your current clients to build your marketing programs to recruit new clients with similar preferences, interests, and needs.

Secondly, your client data includes crucial information about their interests and needs, such as the type and breeds of animals they have and conditions or issues they might be interested in based upon what they've experienced or are likely to experience with those animals.  In addition, their records contain patient-specific information that they want you to use to educate and remind them when appropriate about issues they need to address to maintain the health of their animals.  This is part of building a trusted and valued relationship with them.  They want to do the right thing for their animals, and you are a crucial part of helping them to do that.

Just like your own DNA holds crucial information for your body's function and maintenance, your client information is like DNA for your practice. Use it to serve your clients' needs, and in the process to grow your practice.

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