Your suppliers have the expertise to help you manage inventory

Your suppliers have the expertise to help you manage inventory.  Many practices exert a lot of energy and expense searching for the absolute lowest price on each inventory item.  While this effort may return some savings, the impact pales in comparison to a practice focusing their efforts upon effective inventory management and optimizing supplier relationships.  Effective inventory management starts with locking your pharmacy.  Your inventory is worth thousands of dollars and many practices fail to secure their inventory, instead insisting that they can trust both the employees and their clients who may gain access to areas with inventory.  Inventory management isn't about sending a message of trust to your employees and clients.  It is about managing your precious resources so that you can manage profitability which in turn ensures your ability to deliver superior veterinary care, take care of your employees, and your family.  One should never apologize for seeking those objectives.

Effective inventory management can be attained by leveraging the resources and knowledge of the companies from whom you purchase products.  For example, Henry Schein Animal Health (HSAH) has extensive resources and knowledge to help you properly manage your inventory.  A strategic relationship with key suppliers such as HSAH will yield tremendous returns in efficiencies of managing inventory and reducing your Cost of Professional Services.

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