Do I have to be a veterinarian to join IMPH?

No, anybody can join IMPH.  The site is intended to be educational for anyone who is interested in veterinary practice management.  Many employees of companies that serve veterinary practices have expressed interest in using the site to learn more about veterinary practice management, including the needs of veterinarians.

How much does it cost to join IMPH?

There is no cost to join IMPH.  Our site is supported by our partners and the companies that advertise on the site.  We recommend that if you find value with IMPH, please let the representatives of our partners and advertisers know that you find it valuable, and thank them for their support.

If I submit data, who will have access to my data?

The only way that anyone can access an individual practice’s data is to use the login credentials that you created to gain access to the site.   And all identities and credentials will be strictly confidential.  Therefore, it is important to protect your login credentials.  Nobody, other than you, or anyone you give access to your login credentials, will have access to individual data.

What steps are taken to ensure confidentiality?

All data is kept confidential, and even when a registrant is logged in to view their data, the data will be identified only with the confidential user name assigned at registration. 

No company or individuals will have access to individual practice data, identities, or login credentials.

No contact information will be sold or distributed.  Our users’ identities will be treated as confidential.